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I will be attending the Arabian Travel Market 2014 trade show from 5 to 8 May in Dubai. Very excited to learn more about the industry and talk to inspiring people from the whole world.

I believe that translations are tailor-made services and only if we as linguists understand our customers’ needs, we can convey their message in another language, thus helping their businesses to succeed internationally. Learning the concepts of travel and tourism from books, understanding the terminology in at least two languages, and knowing the market of our native language we translate into are only the foundations in this process.

A part of the travel industry

With so many types of holidays, different kinds of travellers, a seemingly endless choice of destinations, a tourism translator who takes their job seriously, needs to stay on top of the latest developments.

So just like you – the manager of a hotel, a representative of a tourism board or the owner of a travel technology firm – I also see myself as part of the travel industry. My language services help you to grow your business, and make sure that your customers understand your creative advert as well as the fine print, and can book their ideal trip with confidence.

Focus Middle East

Since the Middle East is my second home, I am especially excited to be able to attend the Arabian Travel Market and take a peek behind the scenes of the industry here. With the Expo Dubai 2020 only a few hot summers away, it will also be fascinating to see how the city is preparing for its anticipated 20 million visitors.

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