Tourism is arguably the world’s most international business, yet planning the ideal holiday is a very individual and personal process.

At travelNatives, we believe that the perfect journey starts with being able to read about your dream destination in your own language.

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We are a network of freelance translators, working together to make your content accessible in the most relevant languages in the travel industry.


Why we’re different

Finding the right translator can be difficult – so we’ve done it for you.

Whether your clients are tourists or travel businesses, it is important that they understand what you have to offer, even if they speak another language and are from a different cultural background.

As experienced translators, we produce foreign-language versions of your texts that will represent your brand internationally: creative marketing texts, terms and conditions, culturally adapted social media content, and more.

The best of both worlds

We’re all independent freelancers.

But we’ve combined our skills to be able to offer different languages and a range of services from one source.

What that means for you?

You save time: our translator-client approach means that your requests are dealt with directly by the people who will carry out the translation. Your text doesn’t go through various admin steps and is handled quicker.

You can expect quality: translation is based on trust, and by knowing who will be transferring your texts into another language, you can rest assured that the result will be flawless. We don’t outsource to anonymous third parties.

You save money: translation is not a commodity and has its price. However, when working directly with freelancers you save costs by not having to pay for large overheads and admin staff.

We know our stuff – and yours

Our linguistic expertise paired with our knowledge of the travel and tourism sector ensures that our translations are flawless – and sound like texts originally written in your international clients’ languages.

As avid travellers, we are also your customers, meaning we know what they are looking for. This is why we can help your company to get its message across to people from different cultures.

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Where the journey starts

Your customers deserve to feel like they are already on holiday when reading about your offer – in their own language. And they should be able to book based on correctly translated information. That’s why we do what we do. For your customers. For your business success.


Helping your brand widen its international reach

If you want to grow your travel business, you need to be found by people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. If your website and other online sources are only available in your language and/or English, you will miss out on a large chunk of speakers of other languages who only search for the latest travel offers in their mother tongue. In fact, some of the countries with the fastest-growing markets for your services, like China and Russia, largely use domestic search engines in their respective languages.

travelNatives provides multilingual content for a range of media, allowing potential customers to find exactly what they are looking for – your company.


English, German, Italian,

French, Spanish, Chinese,

Russian, Arabic,

Portuguese (Brazil)


Websites, printed materials, travel guides, etc.

Proofreading & editing

Flawless texts that convey your message

Website localisation

Ensuring your website appeals to foreign-language visitors

Get social!

Connect with your new, international fans on social media


Your marketing videos understood by a wider audience


Language experts with a passion for travel

Malgo Porzezynska

Malgo Porzezynska

Founder of travelNatives

Languages: English, Arabic, Polish, German

Native in: German

Services: Translation, editing, proofreading, subtitling, website localisation, adaptation of social media content

Country expertise: Germany, UK, Poland, Morocco, Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Oman)

At the age of five, I experienced what it’s like to live in a foreign country for the first time. Today, I enjoy the thrill of discovering new places, but love even more to become familiar with everyday life in once foreign lands.

Find out more and get in touch:

My websiteEmail me Follow me on Twitter My LinkedIn profile

Jessica Siepelmeyer

Jessica Siepelmeyer Languages: English, Arabic, German

Native in: German

Services: Translation, editing, proofreading, website localisation

Country expertise: Europe, Middle East

Translating and travelling both give me the opportunity to discover new cultures, places and people, each in its own way, either by being in a certain place physically or by dealing with the language and texts.

Sophie Cheung

Sophie Cheung Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)​

Native in: Chinese

Services: Translation, editing, proofreading, website localisation, adaptation of social media content

Country expertise: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Ever since I started travelling, I could not help but fall in love with it. Although I haven’t been around the world yet, I wish this dream will come true some day. Keep exploring in order to make life interesting!

Giorgia Garavini

Giorgia Garavini Languages: English, French, Italian

Native in: Italian

Services: Translation, editing, proofreading, website localisation, adaptation of social media content

Country expertise: Italy, UK, France

Somebody said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I totally agree with this statement for the excitement that discovering new places and connecting with different cultures can give us. My list of places to see is still very long, so let’s keep up with the exploration!

Find out more and get in touch:

My website Follow me on TwitterAdd me on Google+My LinkedIn profile

Elise Tang Tong Hi

Elise Tang Tong Hi


Languages: English, Spanish, French

Native in: French

Cássia Afini



Languages: English, Portuguese (Brazil)

Native in: Portuguese (Brazil)

Diana Lima

Diana Lima


Languages: Spanish, English

Native in: English

Luana Micheau

Luana Micheau


Languages: English, Portuguese

Native in: Portuguese (Brazil)

Hilana Alouani Bibi


Languages: Arabic, French, English

Native in: Moroccan Arabic, English

Elena Sudareva

Elena Sudareva


Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Russian

Native in: Russian


Nehad Hussein

Nehad Hussein


Languages: English, Arabic

Native in: Arabic

David C Lin

David C Lin


Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Native in: Cantonese

Valeria Mazza



Languages: German, French, English, Italian

Native in: Italian


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